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Website Maintenance

Website security and software are constantly evolving. We are at the forefront of technology to ensure that your website continues to work for you without interruption.

Once the website is finished, I don't have to think about it...right?

Not exactly. As it is with any race, it's important to not fall behind. Power Ten Web Design applies software updates, renews subscriptions, maintains backups, and more to keep you going strong.

Power Ten Web Design offers the following types of maintenance:

  • Software updates
  • Design changes
  • Content updates

Software updates include applying new versions of software that comprise your website, such as plugins, themes, and WordPress. These new versions typically contain bug fixes, new features, performance improvements, and/or security enhancements.

Design changes include adding new features, functionality, and pages to your website. For example, integrating your website with an email marketing platform, or adding an e-commerce page for selling products.

Content updates include adding or modifying text and images. Content should be updated routinely so that your website does not become stale. If necessary, we can change image sizes and dimensions to make them fit properly with other content on pages or we can show you how to make basic content changes on your own!

Maintenance Services
Software Updates (plugins, themes, WordPress)
Content Updates (copy and images)
3rd Party Integrations
Email Account Configuration
Image File Enhancements
Form Configuration
E-Commerce Configuration
Style Changes

We offer two pricing models for our maintenance service. Choose between an hourly rate and a fixed monthly rate. The fixed monthly rate amount is negotiable based on a defined scope of work. This option may be desirable for budget purposes.