3 crews rowing on a misty lake

Website Design & Construction

Êtes-vous Prêts? Partez! This French phrase translates to "Are you Ready? Go!" It's a command that is used to start races in rowing competitions.

To help you win a race, you need good coaching. With our competitive method of tailoring to your specific brand requirements, Power Ten will get you ready.

We specialize in building affordable websites for small to medium-sized businesses. Building websites is like racing because you need to have a game plan: a direction, proper skills, and a means to implement all of this to win.

Which goals should I have for my website?
How do I reach my target audience?
How can I optimize my content for SEO?

We delve into questions like these with you to establish a clear finish line. Once we know where we're going, we design and construct your website.

But the vision goes beyond a single race. We create designs that can be easily adapted as your business grows so that you’ll always be in the lead!

Additionally, we use the Agile Method of website construction, which means that our process is iterative and you are encouraged to review and suggest changes as your website comes to life. We make the process engaging and fun for you. Once your website is ready, we take it live within 24 hours.

Engage the right coach with Power Ten Web Design. We'll be sure you're ready...So you can PARTEZ! (GO!)

Website Platform

We specialize in WordPress because it is the most popular open-source website creation platform (also known as “content management system”) in the world, used by one-third of the top 10 million websites. The platform is free, supports flexible designs, is supported by most web hosting companies, and will be around for a long time. There is a large community of website developers who are proficient with WordPress, which makes it easier to find support if needed.

We apply HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to websites as needed. And we also use a few plugins for common functionality like forms, database backups, sliders, and maps. In addition to choosing the right website management system, it’s important to host your website with the right company. For small businesses and individuals with moderate website traffic, we prefer a web hosting service that offers the following:

  • reasonable pricing
  • outstanding support
  • reputable server uptime
  • fast website speed
  • free security
  • email hosting
  • free content distribution network

We’ve used multiple hosting services and recommend SiteGround for small businesses and individuals because they score highest on the collective criteria listed above.

And finally, you will need a domain name for your website. If you don’t already have one, we can advise you on the process and best practices.

Once you’ve identified an available domain name, you will need to purchase and register it with an Internet domain registrar like GoDaddy.

These three components (content management system, web hosting service, and domain) work together seamlessly. While some companies offer one-stop-shopping for all three components, we recommend keeping them separate for greater flexibility and lower costs.

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We would be happy to provide you with a quote after discussing your needs.