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Search Engine Optimization

What Good Is a Website if It Cannot Be Found?

Need to get your website noticed by people searching for what you offer? Power Ten Web Design gets you in the race with expert Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services.

SEO maximizes potential customers’ organic searches and turns them into quality visitors to your website. That’s a fancy way of saying that well-executed SEO brings your website to the top of customer searches and in front of audiences that you are trying to appeal to.

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo use sophisticated algorithms to determine which websites are most relevant and useful based on keywords entered by users. This only happens if you provide the search engines with the keywords to push your website to the top of customer searches. It’s our job to optimize your site using SEO techniques to rank your site as high as possible for selected keywords.

Power Ten Web Design coaches you to ferret out winning keywords. We do that with personalized attention to take your customers’ needs and wants and translate them into keywords most used in searches. It’s an intuitive approach but takes an understanding of search engines and their algorithms to get it right. And most companies don’t get it right!

With Power Ten Web Design's SEO services, your website will pull ahead with higher rankings resulting in more quality visitors!

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Our Approach

Our approach for optimizing SEO starts with an assessment of your current website. In addition to using specialized tools during the assessment, we meet with you to understand which keywords and keyword phrases your customers likely use when searching for products and services that you offer. We then research those keywords to determine how often they are actually used, and whether more suitable keywords exist that can drive visitors to your website.

Once the keywords are known, we assess how effectively the pages of your website naturally incorporate those keywords within headings, copy, images, titles, descriptions, and other elements. When done properly, search engines are better able to match keywords entered by users to pages on your website.

If you already have a website and would like to improve its SEO performance, the first step is to conduct an assessment. We offer two types of assessment services:

Partial SEO Assessment. Includes a summary report showing how your website ranks on keywords, how your rankings compare with competitors, and the number of inbound and outbound links to and from your website.

Full SEO Assessment. Includes a comprehensive report showing how your website performs across multiple SEO criteria. Also includes a resolution plan that addresses each concern identified within the assessment.

The Partial SEO Assessment is a good option if you are unsure about your website's current SEO performance and would like to know how it compares with your competitors. However, if you know that your website's SEO performance is poor and you would like to know more precisely how to improve it, then the Full SEO Assessment is a better choice.

Monthly SEO Management. In addition to partial and full SEO assessments, we offer a monthly SEO management plan for $200/month. The Monthly SEO management plan includes SEO performance monitoring and reporting. Each month you will receive a report summarizing your SEO performance, insights, and any related concerns. If concerns are identified, we will advise on how to address them. In most cases, we should be able to resolve SEO issues, but some may require your participation (e.g. content that requires expertise in your industry).

SEO Services
KEYWORD ANALYSIS - does your site include words that users actually search on?
LINK ANALYSIS - does your site have enough quality external links?
WEBSITE VISITOR ANALYSIS - who is visiting your website and which pages do they visit?
LOCAL SEO ANALYSIS - is it easy for local customers to find your business online?
CRAWLING & INDEXING ANALYSIS - how well can search engines access and interpret your web pages?
CONTENT EVALUATION - is your page content optimized for both search engines and customers?
ON-PAGE Analysis - is the source code (HTML) on each of your pages optimized for search engines?
SITE ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN - is your site secure and does it present well on different screen sizes?
RESOLUTION PLAN - what approach should be used to fix issues discovered in the audit?