Collegiate rowers in an 8-man shell

Why the Name "Power Ten?"

Power Ten is where a rowing team takes 10 powerful strokes to surge ahead of the competition

Meet the Owner

Steve Raymond with alpine lake in background

Energy. Strategy. Persistence. These describe the Power Ten tactic, and they also describe Steve Raymond, founder of Power Ten Web Design.

After rowing and earning a Management Information Systems degree in Business at the University of Washington, Steve worked as a software engineer and product manager at startup companies for 30 years. He then started Power Ten Web Design to help small and medium-sized businesses create and maintain websites that were laser-focused on achieving business goals. Steve also taught Digital Marketing, Search Marketing, Display Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Web Design, WordPress, and Business Analysis at Bellevue College for 6 years. Skills related to these classes are essential for building websites that achieve desired outcomes.

When he is not working on websites, you can usually find Steve hiking, skiing, sailing, traveling, making cheese, making bread, or working out in a gym (to burn off the cheese and bread!).

Steve's favorite way of applying the Power Ten tactic is collaborating with his clients to achieve their goals.